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Stocks close the worst quarter since 2008 on a down note

Friday was the second day in a row with U.S. economic news that on balance was slightly better than expected.

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S&P 500 manages to close higher in wide-swinging session

The penultimate day of the third quarter was in some respects a microcosm of the entire quarter, except that unlike the quarter today’s session saw the bulls prevail in the end.

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Stocks down in volatile trading session

Stock prices shed 1.5%-2% Wednesday, as we seem to be enmeshed in a stock market that can’t stand prosperity.

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Stocks have big gains early, then give half of them back

Up more than 300 points in midafternoon, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surrendered more than half of its gains in the final 90 minutes of trading on some dispute among the Eurozone nations about who will bear the pain of … Continue reading

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Stocks bounce higher to start the final week of the third quarter

Stock prices reversed course from last week’s declines, with the Dow rising 272 points or 2.5% Monday.

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Stocks manage a small rally at the end of a brutal week

Stocks ended a wicked week with modest price increases Friday, while bonds and especially commodities sold off.

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Stock prices decline sharply, with S&P 500 retesting 2011 lows

The United States may or may not be in or nearing a recession, but slow growth appears to be our lot for the foreseeable future.

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Stock prices decline on change in Fed’s view of economic risks

As had been widely speculated on for the past several weeks, the Federal Reserve today unveiled a maturity extension program – similar to 1961’s “operation twist” – whereby the Fed will swap out of $400 billion in shorter-term Treasury securities … Continue reading

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Waiting for the results of Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting

At Tuesday’s high, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 150 points, but virtually all of the gain was wiped away in the final hour of trading as a result of – drum roll – renewed worries about Greece.

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The Greek Debt Crisis Redux, Part II, The Sequel

The Euro crisis and in particular the debt woes of Greece roiled world markets for the umpteenth time today.

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