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Markets spooked by renewed Europe debt worries

Stocks went on a haunted hayride to steep losses on October 31, as fresh worries surfaced about Euro-land debt.

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Consumers spend more, save less

Let us talk, for a change, about something other than Europe; let’s refrain from nit picking at The Plan to End All Plans and focus instead on the U.S. economy, which most agree will escape recession in the near term.

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Europe deal, U.S. GDP send stocks sharply higher

Many details are still to be filled in, but investors were sufficiently encouraged by the measures Europe is prepared to take to solve the Greek debt crisis, build a firewall around Italy and Spain, and put European banks on sounder … Continue reading

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The Plan, The Plan

Stocks traded in negative territory for much of the morning Wednesday, gathered strength after 1:00 ET, and then finished with a flourish that put the Dow ahead 1.4% on the day.

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Markets take a step backward

A combination of Euro-phobia, weak economic data and earnings disappointment led to profit taking in global stock markets today, with the Dow losing a little over 200 points or 1.7%.

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An upbeat start to the week

Stocks started the week with solid gains, helped by good earnings and a continuation of the recent mini-boom in merger and acquisition announcements.

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Dow at 11-week high

Stocks finished the week with solid gains on Friday, as a league-leading 267-point or 2.3% rise brought the Dow Industrials to their highest close since August 3.

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Leading indicators point to economic growth ahead

Thursday brought a couple of positive reports on the U.S. economy and more uncertainty over the shape and size of any European bailout facility, with U.S. stock prices managing to buck the downtrend seen in Europe and turning higher in … Continue reading

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Stocks swing lower on Wednesday

Stocks turned lower on Wednesday, with the major U.S. market averages losing from 0.6% (Dow) to 1.3% (S&P 500) to 2.0% (NASDAQ).

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If this is Tuesday, this must be …

The stock market’s split personality continues to manifest itself this week, with Tuesday’s 2% advance in the S&P 500 essentially reversing Monday’s 1.9% decline.

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