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Stock prices lower for a third day

U.S. stocks declined for a third day, as the Dow lost 94 points or 0.6% Tuesday.

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Bill and Ben’s Excellent Adventures

This past week saw some important milestones for stocks and for currencies, none more dramatic than the 6.7% rise in Tokyo stock prices to five-year highs even as the yen was falling to a four-year low of under one cent.

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Dow down 50 points in abbreviated trading

U.S. investors carried last Friday’s pessimism into trading on Monday, sending stocks down again in abbreviated Christmas Eve trading.

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Stocks drop on political and geopolitical uncertainties

Stocks opened the penultimate week of 2011 to the down side, with the S&P 500 losing 1.2% on Monday.

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Stocks end ungainly week with modest price gains

It certainly wasn’t pretty, but most of the world’s stock markets sandwiched four days of rising prices around a horrendous Wednesday, and most stocks came out ahead for the week.

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The President’s Speech

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke spoke today on the economic outlook and monetary policy, and unlike his remarks in August, today’s comments were met with an unappreciative decline in stock prices.

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Stocks are down again on slow GDP report and more debt wrangling in D.C.

Q: When can a GDP growth rate of 1.3% be considered a good report? A: When it follows a 0.4% rate in the prior period.

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Dueling Budgets

Ta da da, da da: the debt ceiling debate in Washington is the central story in the markets today and, we suppose, increasingly through August 2.

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Stock prices find reason to rally in prospective debt deal

U.S. stock prices rose sharply again on Thursday, following up on European share price gains that arose out of European Union efforts to aid Greece and put the Euro debt crisis to rest.

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Stock prices are quiescent while Treasury bonds sink

Stock price changes were relatively muted Wednesday, while Treasury bond prices moved violently lower, especially the long Treasury and the long TIPS bond.

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