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Wobbly Wednesday

Stocks wobbled a bit today, with the Dow Jones Industrials giving up roughly 30 points (0.2%) or about one-fifth of Tuesday’s 190-point “Yellen rally.”

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Markets rally as Senate reaches budget and debt deal

Stocks and bonds rallied sharply on Wednesday after the Senate reached a last-minute agreement to extend the federal debt ceiling and reopen the government, at least until early next year.

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Pessimism about debt deal sends markets lower

Stocks fell Tuesday after Congress failed to come up with a plan to end the stalemate over the budget and extend the federal debt ceiling.

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Stocks rise on optimism over possible Senate budget, debt deal

U.S. stocks closed higher on Monday on news that Democrats and Republicans in the Senate were close to reaching a comprehensive agreement to extend the federal debt limit and fund the government into early next year.

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Stocks rise again on debt ceiling optimism, commodities sink

U.S. stocks were higher again on Friday as the White House and lawmakers in Congress continued to work on a debt limit extension.

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Stocks jump 2% on possible debt limit deal

Stocks soared more than 2% on Thursday as Congress and the White House appeared close to an agreement to allow the government to continue to borrow money for at least another month.

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Stocks up moderately as Washington starts talking

The major U.S. stock averages were mixed on Wednesday as the White House and Congressional leaders looked ready to finally start talking about the federal debt ceiling and the budget impasse.

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Rhetoric soars, stocks fall

Amid more dire warnings of what a U.S. government default would entail, U.S. stocks fell sharply on Tuesday.

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Stocks fall, bonds rise to begin the week

U.S. stocks lost nearly 1% on Monday as little progress appeared to be made either on the federal budget or the Treasury debt ceiling.

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Stocks fall on weak ISM report and budget impasse

U.S. stocks fell on the order of 1% on Thursday on a weaker than expected report on the service sector of the economy and a lack of progress on the budget impasse.

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