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S&P 500 touches 2000 for the first time

The S&P 500 closed at an all-time high of 1998 on Monday, 27 years to the day after it hit what was then a record high of 337. Over 27 years, this near sextupling of stock prices equates to a … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad and the Draghi

The Good: U.S. economic data released this past week were almost uniformly good, indeed, better than expected in most cases. The Atlanta Federal Reserve’s “GDPNow” rules-based GDP forecaster has bent up from an early August indication of 2.6% GDP growth … Continue reading

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Weekly Market Recap – 06/27/14

A spate of underwhelming economic reports have caused Wall Street economists to trim their GDP forecasts for 2014. Follow the link below to our weekly review and tables. Last Week In Markets 06.27.14

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Weekly Market Recap – 04/11/14

Recurring profit taking in some of the stock market’s big winners from 2013 and earlier this year took most U.S. market indexes down 2%-3% last week. For NASDAQ, which dipped below 4000 Friday for the first time in two months, … Continue reading

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Weekly Market Recap – 04/04/14

For the most part, Friday’s employment report for March was in line with market expectations. Yet, instead of a ho-hum market reaction, or a rally, stocks prices succumbed to profit taking. Something in the report also sparked a decline in … Continue reading

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Relief rally boosts stocks, lowers bond yields

Sharply lower bond yields, an easing of the Chinese liquidity squeeze and the promise of continued monetary accommodation in Europe helped raised stock prices globally Wednesday despite a steep downward revision in U.S. GDP growth.

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The devil is in the details

After rallying last Thursday and Friday on signs Greece and Italy are coming to terms with the seriousness of their fiscal problems, European and U.S. stock prices retreated today, perhaps on the realization that now comes the hard, detailed work … Continue reading

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August limping in with worst stock market performance in 16 months

Stocks were down as much as 100 DJIA points in the first hour of Tuesday’s trading, but by the close the market averages had modest gains.

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Stocks’ losing streak ends

Stocks managed to post modest gains on Wednesday after three former Fed officials hinted that another stimulus program from the Fed was possible.

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Disappointing ISM report sends stocks lower

Stocks started out higher on Monday in response to the news that Congressional leaders and the White House had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

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